Albergo Ristorante Leso

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Piazza XIII comuni, 32, 37021 Valdiporro, Verona

“Take a Deep Breath of Italian Tradition”

You wake up in the morning, snug beneath a soft, freshly-laundered duvet.

Feeling refreshed, you put on your robe, open the French doors, and step out onto your balcony.

The sun hits your face.

The air is warm yet fresh, with a light breeze.

The aroma of freshly baked bread reaches you from the bakery across the piazza. You breathe in the delicious smell, along with a healthy dose of the clean mountain air.

You hear the gentle sounds of the piazza waking up below your balcony.

You turn and look down the valley over the city of Verona spread out beneath you.

At that moment, the church bell rings across the square.

It’s a scene that has remained unchanged for 200 years or more, ever since the Leso family first started to run the Albergo that still carries their name.