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Piazza XIII comuni, 32, 37021 Valdiporro, Verona


At Albergo Leso, we’re famous locally for our time-honored regional cuisine…

And we’re usually packed out on Sundays, religious holidays and the summer, when people drop by in droves to get their taste of tradition.

“Think of ours as a kind of Italian comfort food, with lots of long, slow cooking and rich, tasty sauces.”

We source most of our ingredients from local shops and artisans, and forage for herbs, mushrooms and truffles right here in the hills, according to the season.

We also offer bespoke menus for group parties if you talk to us ahead of time. These can include everything from pumpkin risotto to mouth-watering roast veal and hearty lasagna. All you need do is ask!

*** Please let us know if you have any food allergies, intolerances or dietary needs BEFORE you book, so we can discuss options with you. ***

Vegan meals are also available on request, but a little difficult at short notice. So please be sure to mention you’re vegan when you book. Or email to discuss in more detail.

(The following is a sample menu of our most popular dishes. Not all are available every day. Please ask if there’s one you particularly want to try when you stay.)


Antipasti (Starters)

Polenta con aringa, pomodorini secchi e aceto balsamico €2.50

— Polenta with a tartare of cured herring and sundried tomatoes in olive oil, drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Bruschetta con lardo e pepe €2.50

— Bread toasted on the grill, draped with thin slices of melting bacon fat and cracked black pepper (very traditional and very popular)

Sfoglia con Monte Veronese e confettura di mirtilli €2.50

— Crispy puff pastry squares coated in golden, bubbly melted cheese, with a dollop of blueberry jam on the side (kids love this one)


Primi piatti (First courses)

Zuppa del giorno €7.00

— The soup of the day, served with freshly baked croutons

Casarecci con cinghiale, pomodoro o basilico €7.00

— Short twirls of pasta served al dente, in a sauce of your choice: luxurious wild boar ragu (traditional, hearty and wonderful), a rich tomato sauce, or basil pesto

Gnocchi sbatui con Ricotta affumicata €7.00

— Gnocchi – small pasta dumplings – tossed in warm, clarified butter and topped with shavings of smoked ricotta cheese (a perennial favorite – and very filling)

Crespella con ricotta, radicchio rosso e uvetta €8.00

— Crisp, savory pancakes stuffed with a rich blend of fresh ricotta cheese, peppery red radicchio and plump raisins


Secondi piatti (Second courses)

Capriolo in umido con polenta €14.00

— Slow-cooked venison shoulder served in a rich wine and herb-infused gravy on a bed of fresh polenta (probably our most renowned and well-loved dish)

Carpaccio di Carne sala €12.00

— Super-rare beef cured with salt and spices, sliced wafer thin and served with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, a drizzle of balsamic reduction and a sprinkling of crushed walnuts (Perfect for lovers of steak tartare, the beef is low in fat and melts in the mouth)

Polenta, funghi, formaggi, Sopressa e marmellata di verdure €12.00

— A selection of artisinal mountain cheeses served with slices of soft, local salami, polenta, warm mushrooms, and a dollop of tangy zucchini (courgette) and ginger jam. (When the sun shines, this dish flies out the door.)

Stinco di maiale €14.00

— Another dish for which we’re famous: pork shanks slow-roasted on the bone with apples and herbs until moist and tender on the inside, crispy on the outside. Served on a bed of polenta with a sleek, velvety sauce. (The sauce is out of this world!)


Dalla griglia (from the grill)

Controfileto alla griglia con olio d’oliva €14.00

— Sirloin steak cooked on the grill to your liking, and served with a light drizzling of extra virgin olive oil

Fileto di maiale alla griglia con olio di Pino Mugo €12.00

— Pork fillet served sizzling from the grill, with a side of pine-infused extra virgin olive oil. (Light and delicious – a firm summer favorite)


All second courses and grilled dishes come accompanied by a selection of seasonal vegetables at no extra charge.


Dolci (Desserts)

Crespella con panna montata e marmellata di mirtilli €3.50

— Sweet pancakes filled with whipped cream and tart blueberry jam, served with a scattering of dark chocolate shards

Salame di cioccolato alla cannella €3.50

— An indulgent semi-frozen dessert of melted dark chocolate, blended and rolled with crushed biscuits, soft raisins and a dash of amaretto so it looks like salami. Served with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

(This traditional dessert is always ordered by kids, and by adults who want to be reminded of childhood Sunday dinners with their grandparents.)

Meringata €3.50

— A thick slice of indulgent vanilla ice cream sandwiched between layers of crispy meringue and served with a dark chocolate sauce.

Torta Sabbiosa con crema calda al Grand Marnier €3.50

— A traditional crumbly cake from the Veneto region, served in thick slices atop a warm, creamy Grand Marnier-infused custard and sprinkled with dark chocolate shards.

Semifreddo all’amaretto €3.50

— Semi-frozen mousse flecked with amaretti biscuits and heady with amaretto.