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Piazza XIII comuni, 32, 37021 Valdiporro, Verona

Enjoy 10% off your stay at this cozy country hotel in Italy

when you stay a minimum of two nights

Read on for details of how to claim – and the 3 reasons why I’m making you this offer…

Dear Ginger Nuts Of Horror Reader,

You might be wondering why I’m offering you this 10% discount to stay at our small, family-run hotel in the mountains near Verona.

There are three reasons.

Reason 1 – You don’t know me

Here at Albergo Leso, we get some great reviews.  

(Seriously, if you check out online reviews of us on Booking, Trip Adviser or Google, people invariably mention 3 things: the view, the food, and the service.)

But you’ve never heard of me, or this hotel. Or the beautiful nature reserve we’re positioned right next to.

You know nothing of our 12 lovely rooms, all but one of them with stunning views of the valley and the nearby city of Verona down below us.

No one in Britain or Ireland or North America has.

As far as you’re concerned, Albergo Ristorante Leso doesn’t exist.

So I have to do something to get your attention. Hence the discount.

Reason 2 – We’re not a big, flashy corporate hotel chain

We’re a small, family-run business. In fact, this building has been in the same family since 1815, when Napoleon was alive and the US was only on its fourth president.

We don’t have all the flashy marketing and online booking systems of a big hotel chain.

We have to be old school. That means you need to email us or call to check room availability or to make a booking.  

In this digital world of hyper-convenience and goldfish-like attention spans, some people just don’t like old school.

If you’re on the fence, I’m hoping the 10% discount will be enough to encourage you to shoulder the small element of uncertainty that comes with taking a step back into centuries-old Italian tradition.

Reason 3 – I think you’ll love it here

Because you’re a Ginger Nuts Of Horror reader, I know you’re likely independent-minded and adventurous. Like the website itself.

You’re that much more likely to venture to a new place if given a decent incentive (like 10% off)…

Why stay here

I already mentioned the food. It’s deeply traditional and regional.

That means lots of fresh pasta, rich slow cooking, polenta, gnocchi and silky risottos.

Our venison stew alone is based on a 150-year old family recipe….

(We also offer plenty of fresh vegetables, meat-free dishes and vegan options.)

The views? Spectacular. From most rooms you gaze out your window or your balcony over the UNESCO World Heritage jewel of Verona.

At night, you’ll see the city’s lights sparkle. On a clear day, you can see across to the Apennine mountains over 100 miles away.

The weather? Almost always sunny and almost always dry, even in winter. Rain tends to be limited to April and May…

Even then, it arrives in brief showers and freshens up the countryside before the sky brightens up again.

This photo, showing me and my girlfriend, was taken on a recent February afternoon. February!

Look at that radiant blue sky…

You can go on gentle woodland walks or serious hikes.

You can rent mountain bikes or ride ponies.

You can visit World War One battle grounds or go spotting wildlife that ranges from ground hogs to golden eagles.

Or you can sit in our sun-drenched piazza and feel the warmth on your face as you relax with your other half…

Oh, and a bottle of local prosecco, rich valpollicella, or velvety amarone – probably the most delicious red wine in the world.

And all of that is just if you wanted to come here for a short break.

If you’re already planning a trip to northern Italy, we’re ideal as a base to explore the nearby Lake Garda or romantic city of Verona.

And we’re only an hour and half from Venice.

We’re the perfect stop off between cities.

Plus, we’re an official tourist information office for the Italian region of Veneto.

So we can even help you plan your Italian trip…

Not sure about how to escape the crowds at Lake Garda?

What there is to see in Verona?

What to do with the kids?

Which of Venice’s many sights are worth your time when you only have a day for your visit?

Where to find a decent, non-touristy place to eat in Venice – or where to get a cup of coffee that won’t cost you a king’s ransom?

This is St Mark's Square in Venice, where an espresso costs €7.50!

Seriously, any questions you have about your upcoming trip, we can help. Just try us…

Why others love it here

Here’s a small sample of comments from previous guests…

‘Excellent food prepared by the owner, Italian and local fresh food. Terrace with so beautiful views on the mountains!’
‘The food was a great traditional experience, and when I say traditional I mean hundreds of years worth of tradition. If you are visiting Verona and fancy something a bit different this is the place for you.’
Charlie V
‘Food was excellent and the view out of the room amazing.’

And there are hundreds more comments like this you can find on (9/10 from 54 reviews), Google (4.5/5 from 103 reviews), or Trip Adviser (4.5/5 from 102 reviews)…

So whether you want to take a short break…

A long weekend away…

Or you’re planning a longer vacation in Italy and you’re tempted to stop off with us for a couple of nights between, say, Milan and Venice, or between Lake Garda and Verona…

Trust us to take great care of you. And trust us to help you relax and recharge.

Here’s how to do it…

3 easy steps to claim your 10% discount

Step 1: Choose your room
Double room with balcony and stunning valley views

Size: 14m2, including a spacious bathroom with shower.

Price: €70 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

Double room with stunning valley views

Size: 14m2, including spacious bathroom with shower.

Price: €65 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

Family/large room with stunning valley views

Size: 17m2, including spacious bathroom with shower.

Price: €100 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

The typical view from one of our standard double rooms
Here's an attempted arty shot of one of our balcony rooms...
Single room with balcony and stunning valley views

Size: 10m2, including a spacious bathroom with shower.

Price: €55 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

Single room with stunning valley views

Size: 10m2, including a spacious bathroom with shower.

Price €50 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

Budget twin/double room

Size: 15m2, including spacious bathroom with shower, but no view of the valley – hence the lower price. Perfect if you just want to use us as a base to explore the area with your bicycle or rental car.

Price: €50 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person

Step 2: Choose your dates

The best times of year to visit the mountains are the Spring and the Autumn, when the weather is sunny and warm without being too hot.

Spring sees fresh herbs finding their way into our kitchen, while Autumn yields up some of the world’s most delicious food, from game to mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts.

(The Fall season is not to be missed if you’re a food lover.)

Step 3: Email us your choices, plus your Ginger Nuts Discount Code

I’m sorry, but we can’t afford to host automatic booking systems on our website – they’re just too expensive for a small family company like ours.

But rest assured that your email and your personal information will be treated with the utmost respect and security.

So click on the button below to send us a Booking Inquiry email with your preferred room and date, and add the discount code:


into the ‘Message’ box at the bottom.

(And please keep this discount code to yourself. This is for the sole use of Ginger Nuts of Horror readers like you, in recognition of your sense of adventure and independence of spirit. Thank you.)

Then, when you leave, we’ll tot up your accommodation and food, and take 10% off your bill before you pay. 

For example, stay with your partner in one of our standard double rooms.

The normal price is €65 per night, plus €5 breakfast per person – a total of €150 for two people, with breakfast both mornings.

With our 10% discount…

Those same two nights in the same room plus breakfast are now just €135

That’s only €33.75 per person per night

Stay with us and have dinner, and the savings get even bigger… because your food is also 10% off.

Why don’t you send an inquiry now, while you’re thinking about it.

Frankly, I would love to chat and find out more about you.

Plus, you have my word you will not be spammed. And you’re under no obligation to book with us. You can take as long as you like to decide.

Whatever you choose, thank you for reading.  

Best wishes,

Damien Seaman

P.S. Please remember, this offer includes you, your partner and any friends and family you might bring along. Stay for a minimum of two consecutive nights, and enjoy 10% off the total cost of accommodation and food (not including drinks). 

Thanks again for reading.