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There are dozens and dozens of activities available locally, whether in the surrounding villages, in nearby Lessinia national park, or the rest of the Veneto region.

So, whatever you enjoy most – walking, wine, museums or city sightseeing trips,  you’ll always have plenty to do.

Several of the following activities we can even book on your behalf – just ask us here

Mountain Walks And Hiking

This area is great for walkers, with 17 clearly signposted and well-maintained routes to walk throughout the Lessinia natural park. Route lengths vary, from 2.3km (1.4 miles) to almost 16km (9.9 miles).

Whether you want some gentle exercise in the great outdoors, or a challenging hike to get your adrenaline pumping, just ask us and we can advise you.

Wildlife Spotting

The park is also a haven for a range of wildlife, from foxes, golden eagles, and roe deer to groundhogs, wild goats, rare songbirds – even wolves.

We can let you know which areas and times of day are best for the time of year you want to visit.

Cycling And Mountain Biking

Dedicated cyclists seem to love it here, from the weekend hobbyists to serious sports enthusiasts. Once every year there is a major mountain biking tournament, though if you want to ride, the weather is good for most of the year. If this interests you, ask us for more information – including where to rent bikes locally.

Wine Tasting And Winery Tours

Yes, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by dozens of great vineyards and wineries that produce at least 3 of the most famous wines in the world: valpolicella, amarone and prosecco. We can arrange visits to local wineries and book you onto winery tours where available — even professional wine tastings… just drop us a line before you come.

Food Festivals

Every part of Italy has its food celebrations. Ours is no different. Visit at the end of July to experience the village gnocchi festival. There’s the risotto festival in Verona in September. Or, in early summer there’s the cheese festival in the nearby village of Erbezzo, where you can sample the delicious local Monte Veronese cheese.


Maybe you want to use us as a base for day trips to Verona, Venice or Lake Garda?

We’re perfectly placed between all three – and close to Padua and Vicenza, too. So we can advise you on the best way to get to Venice – as well as suggest a few places you might want to visit while you’re there.

Ask us for the best places to visit that most tourists don’t know about. Or where to park. And where to eat… Whatever you want to know, we’ll try our best to help.


If you love swimming, we can help you out with tickets to our local public baths for no extra charge.

Bosco Park

This is a real action-adventure playground for the kids. In fact, it’s great for kids of all ages – and for families to do together if you like to be active.

Ice Skating – Open Most Of The Year

A few miles down the road, in the neighboring village of Bosco Chiesanuova, you’ll find our local ice rink. And it’s open all year round.

Historic World War I Battle Sites

If you have an interest in military history, we can give you directions to some fascinating World War One battle sites, where local Alpini soldiers fought Austrian troops. You’ll find trenches carved into the mountainsides where the two sides dug in to fight each other… and even an old World War One-era cannon.

Local Museums

Do you like visiting weird and wacky museums full of strange, esoteric items?

Well, you’re in luck. We have a ton of weird and wacky museums all within an hour’s drive of here. There’s the Paleontology Museum in Camposilvano, the Fossil Museum in Bolca, the Cimbri Museum (which celebrates the dwindling regional Cimbri culture, it’s language and traditions) in Giazza, the Forest Museum in Rovere… and more.

Further afield, there are a host of intriguing museums in Verona, and the infamous D’Annunzio House, a hillside estate overlooking Lake Garda. It’s a kind of interwar fantasy dreamhouse, designed and developed by Italian writer Gabriele d’Annunzio, the notorious libertine, Italian nationalist and frenemy of Mussolini.

Concerts And Opera

Verona has several theaters and the famous ancient Roman arena, which is used to host the city’s opera festival in the summer, and pop concerts the rest of the year, including the likes of Zucchero, Sam Smith and Bob Dylan.

Fumane Cave

There are many small caves throughout the mountains hereabouts. But this cave is rather special. It’s a major archeological site for stone age settlement, with the more significant findings exhibited at the nearby museum in Sant’Anna D’alfaedo. There are guided tours on Sundays.

Molina Waterfalls

Another popular attraction in the summer, these falls are within easy distance of Lake Garda and Verona as well as here.

The site is actually a park composed of several falls, caves and nature trails for you to explore. It’s good for families, and is even dog friendly. Take a picnic with you and take your time – when the weather’s fine, this park can be a great place to relax.