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Piazza XIII comuni, 32, 37021 Valdiporro, Verona

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Welcome to Albergo Ristorante Leso, a real family business.

As I’m sure you know, ‘ristorante’ is Italian for restaurant. And it’s for our food – traditional, slow-cooked and freshly-made traditional local specialities – that we’re mostly famous. As well as the spectacular views from our hotel rooms.

‘Albergo’ is one of the many official Italian words for hotel. This particular term refers to something similar to an olde worlde inn, or guest house. A small family hotel, in other words, offering respite to weary travelers.

These days, it’s not travel that makes most of us weary. It’s day to day living. Endless emails, texts and Slacks from the boss… our smartphones shackle us to our desks 24/7…

Well, not here. Here we only offer wi-fi in our bar. So you can turn off your smartphone, gaze out of the window and relax, breathing in centuries of Italian tradition.

Enjoy your own taste of 200-year-old Italian history

Picture the scene. It’s 1815. Napoleon has returned from exile to his beloved France, soon to see defeat at the Battle of Waterloo…

In Rome, Pius VII is Pope. In England, George III will remain on the throne for another five years. Across the Atlantic, James Madison has recently become the fourth president of the USA…

The city of Verona has been part of the Austrian Empire for just under a year…

And just a few miles away, in the tiny village of Valdiporro, Signor Leso buys a property at auction that will become a guest house and restaurant.

Today, two hundred years and eight generations later, Albergo Ristorante Leso still proudly bears the same family name. (And of course now we’re a part of modern-day Italy.)

When you stay here, you benefit from those eight generations’ experience of warm, family hospitality. Not to mention the delicious, ancient recipes we still lovingly cook for you in our kitchen.

So why not ask us about booking a room using the form below. Or get in touch directly. We’d love to chat. And answer any questions you have.